Media and cultural influences on body image.















Since the beginning of civilization women have faced oppression. All over the globe, including in America. In 1919 women were given the right to vote which was a great step forward. However that doesn’t mean the the oppression that women faced and are facing is gone. There are still discrepancies in the work force and the payroll, but if you ask most people the idea that women are being oppressed in America is a bit outdated. I beg to differ though; when I see women that look like paper dolls in a magazine or in a run way show it is the proof that there are still forces that exists that control women and tell them who they are supposed to be. 

Through out history women have been told what beauty means and what it looks like, and for some reason this oppression is just accepted. What I hope to convey is that even though there are very positive elements of fashion there are also very many negative ones. Many women look at those paper thin models and see bodies that they can’t healthily attain. However because of the fashion industry being size double 0 is a large factor in how beautiful a woman is. This is important because all over the world women of all ages are being inflicted with an epidemic of disordered eating and unhealthy body image. There are so many serious consequences that can come from these disorders and unless something in the fashion industry changes women will continue to hate their bodies. 





I like this picture because it portrays a normal sized woman trying to attain the ideal body. Few women will under go serious surgeries like this for a perfect body, but will work to become the fashion industry’s idea of beautiful in their own way. Plastic surgery and eating disorders are branches from the same tree, unhealthy body image which can be fueled by the media.






I feel that these two pictures go hand in hand. The upper image is of a model and the lower is of an average girl. The lower image portrays someone that is far more ill than the upper image, and that is usually the way it goes. Most models are not so thin that they look like walking skeletons, but that is because they are told how much to eat. Everyday women are not and because disordered eating can become addictive they don’t know when to stop. 


50% of girls between the ages of 11 and 13 see themselves as “fat” or over weight. The numbers will increase unless there is a raised awareness about the effects and causes of disordered eating. 

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